Cheap Aircon Service

At Cheap Aircon Servicing company, we provide maintenance , repair and even cheapest price cleaning services exclusively for all types of aircon systems.
As one of the cheapest aircon servicing companies in Singapore town, we are always to give double of our efforts to ensure that you receive the best possible service at the same cost as the money you have spent on our services. Except we finish the work within the agreed time (some even before), our service is also very affordable.

We have a skilled and experienced team of professionals who are on call to meet your needs. Our services include handling all problems with fan coils, noise from air conditioning units, water leaks and general maintenance. In addition to the above, our services include maintenance, parts replacement, icing and air conditioner tripping.

As the first air conditioning company in Singapore to offer you an online booking and payment system, we offer you regular air-conditioned service experiences here. Our cheap aircon servicing range of services includes cleaning the front panel and fan tray cover, cleaning and drying filters, cleaning fan blowers, cleaning trays, dust cooling coils, removing drain and inspection unit water and dirt to ensure that any failures / error.

Cheap aircon servicing experts do more than just this job, and our hallmark is to keep your office and home free of any clutter caused by air conditioning dirt and water. We make sure your washing area is dry and clean by using cleaning equipment such as bath mats, sponge mops, towels and fan blowers. We have custom air-conditioning hoods to ensure that your expensive equipment such as hi-fi, TVs, , drawings, server room sand places for your meals, rest and relaxation do not have dirt and water. Experience our cheap aircon servicing expert and find out why we may be Singapore’s most professional and hygienic air conditioning specialist

Regular air-conditioning maintenance is the key to maintaining optimum performance of the air conditioning unit and avoiding malfunctions. We recommend performing basic maintenance every 3 to 4 months for best performance.

Our basic aircon service package includes comprehensive maintenance of your equipment, efficient operation of your air conditioner, and protection against possible malfunctions. We also provide air-conditioning cleaning, air-conditioning installation, removal of air conditioning, relocation of air conditioning, and even second-hand air-conditioning for sale.

With timely repairs, you can extend the life of your equipment while preventing costly malfunctions. Your air conditioning performance efficiency can be increased by 20% to 30%. It also ensures quality and consistent airflow, prevents water leaks and reduces unnecessary energy usage, saving on monthly electricity bills.

In addition, if you would like to receive this service, we will provide a contractual maintenance service at a reasonable discount rate. If you are looking for a new, reliable air conditioner, call or email us for our professional consultant .